Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Kyambogo University Private Admissions 2013/2014 Online Applications

The Academic Registrar, Kyambogo University, invites applicants for private admission to the for the 2013/2014 Academic Year for O’and A’level leavers.
Applicants should fill the forms online, On submitting the form, print out a payslip and pay a non-refundable fee of Shs.50,000/= plus whatever bank charges are levied by each bank integrated with our system namely: Crane Bank and Stanbic Bank.
The Deadline for receiving application forms is Friday 21st June 2013 by 12.00am (Mid night).
Applicants who may find difficulties filling the online form can receive help at the University.
Faculty of Engineering
Bachelor of Architecture
Bachelor. of ( Eng. Civil & Building Eng.., Eng. in Telecommunications Eng. , Eng. in Mechanical & Manufacturing Eng. , Eng. in Environmental Eng. & Management, Eng. in Industrial Management, and Eng. in Automobile Eng.)
Bachelor of Science (Building Economics, Surveying & Land Information Systems)
Bachelor of Science in Land Economics
Bachelor of Vocational Studies withEducation Technological Studies
Higher Diploma in. (Civil, Electrical, Mechanical) Engineering.
Diploma in (Civil, Mechanical, Refrigeration, Water, Architecture, Automobile, & Computer) Engineering
Certificate in( Electrical Installation or Radio & Television)
Certificate in Printing Technology
Faculty of Vocational Studies
Bachelor of Vocational Studies with Education.( Home Economics, Agriculture , Business Studies, Art& Design),
Bachelor of Accounting & Finance,
Bachelor of Procurement & Logistics,
Bachelor of Management Science,
Bachelor of Administrative & Secretarial Science
Bachelor of Human Nutrition & Dietetics)
Bachelor of Art and Industrial Design
Bachelor of Business Studies
Diploma in Interior Design
Diploma in Education Secondary (DES) specializing in Art & Design, Home Economics
Diploma in Ceramics
Diploma in (Fabric Decoration , Ceramics
Diploma in Textiles Design & Technology
Diploma in Hotel &Catering
Diploma in (Fashion Designing, Accounting,Procurement, Secretarial, Business Studies, Business Administration)
Diploma in Art & Design tenable at Michelangelo School of Creative Arts Kisubi
Certificate in Hotel & Institutional Catering
Certificate in Food processing & Preservation, Garment Design
Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences
Bachelor of Micro-Finance
Bachelor of Demography and Reproductive Health
Bachelor of Social Work & Social Administration
Bachelor of Arts with Education
Bachelor of Arts in (Arts ,Social Sciences)
Bachelor of Arts in Economics
Bachelor of Arts in Economic& Statistics
Diploma Library & Inf. Studies
Diploma in Education Secondary. (French)
Diploma in Music & Theater Arts
Diploma in Micro Finance
Certificate in Elementary French
Certificate in Business French
Faculty of Education
Bachelor of Teacher Education
Bachelor of Guidance & Counseling
Bachelor of Development Studies
Bachelor of Technical Teacher Education(Electrical & Mechanical Options)
Bachelor of Education
Diploma Technical Teacher Education
Diploma in Education (Leadership & Management)
Diploma in Guidance & Counselling
Diploma in Education Primary (External)
Diploma in Special Needs Education (External)
Diploma in Teacher Education
Diploma in Educational Planning & Management
Certificate in Nursery Teaching
Faculty of Science
Bachelor of Information Technology & Computing
Bachelor of (Science with Education, Science Technology, Environment Science, Technology& Management, & Science in Textiles & Clothing Technology,
Bachelor of Science in Sports & Leisure Management
Bachelor of Food Processing Technology
Diploma in Food Processing Technology
Diploma in Science Technology (Phy, Bio , Chem) & Textiles Technology
Diploma in Computer Science
Diploma in Physical Education & Sports
Diploma in Ceramic Technology
Certificate in Computer Science
Certificate in Science Laboratory Technology
Certificate in Food Processing Technology
Faculty of Special Needs & Rehabilitation
Bachelor of Adult & Community Education
Bachelor of Arts in Social Work and Community Development
Bachelor of Community Based Rehabilitation
Diplomas in (Mobility & Rehabilitation, in Special Needs Education, sign language Interpreting, Community Based Rehabilitation)
Certificate in Adult & Community Education,
Certificate in Sign Language

Online Applications